Pioneers of Health Tech | applied AR/ VR | Oct 28

AR and VR technologies enable the expansion of users' reality by overlaying information and virtual objects in real-time into the user's field of view. This groundbreaking improvement in simulated vision, perception, and experience offers innovative approaches for medical training, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures or rehabilitative measures. Let's explore together how physicians, caregivers, therapists as well as patients can benefit from the multifaceted possibilities of virtual and augmented reality.

  • Welcome to Pioneers of Health Tech
  • Expert Tech-Talk with Phil Norris by VirtaMed
  • Startup Tech-Pitch with Carola Epple by Lab E
  • Startup Tech-Pitch with Xavier Paloma by Psious
  • Expert Tech-Talk with Sebastian Anjou by VUZIX
  • Techies Q&A Session

This event is free & will be held in english.


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