Pioneers of Health Tech | applied AI | Nov 25

The aspiring field of Artificial intelligence, which describes the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, has the potential to foster innovative solutions in the digital health ecosystem. What are the drivers, but also the barriers, associated with this multifaceted technology when it gets applied to healthcare? Let's get to the bottom of these and other specific questions together with health tech experts and startups.  

  • Welcome to Pioneers of Health Tech
  • Startup Tech-Pitch with Sabine Haeussermann by VisionHealth
  • Startup Tech-Pitch with Peter Tinschert by Resmonics
  • Startup Tech-Pitch with Vera Guerreiro by mediktor
  • Startup Tech-Pitch with Helene Viatge by Cibiltech
  • Techies Q&A Session

This event is free & will be held in english.


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